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I buy standing timer for lumber logs. The trees I cut are sent to a sawmill to be made into funiture. For a free estimate on your trees, call 989-871-4819 or send an email

 It’s more about managing a forest 

As in the Tuscola County Advertiser on Saturday, July 17, 2004 and written by Lane Walker.
Logging a way of life for Jaruzel.
Wayne Jaruzel Logging Inc. in Millington specializes in buying timber, veneer, saw logs and wooded property.  But for Jaruzel, it’s more about managing a forest. Some timber buyers want to buy and cut as many trees as possible.  Jaruzel’s philosophy is different: He would rather take three or four trees per acre so a customer won’t lose their canopy.  By keeping the canopy in the forest, customers’ trees will grow straighter.

“If you lose your canopy you have nothing but yard trees.  You want your trees to grow straight and toward the sunlight.  The key for the tree is to get sunlight, when trees get sunlight the leaves will live.  Then the shade takes over the leaves, then the leaves die and the branches fall off,” Jaruzel said. Tree topping is an important concept in managing woods.  “You want to top trees that have 30-40 foot wide tops.  This prevents these tops from coming down and smashing everything down on its way down.  By topping your trees it prevents a lot of damage that can occur,” he said.

Forest management is the key to Jaruzel’s success.  In fact, most of Jaruzel’s jobs come from referrals. “I look for diseased or dying trees and mature trees.  I think you should take some good trees and some bad trees for good forestry management,” he said.  “It’s important to take some bad trees too.  Some people just want all the good trees, all the premier trees, out of a woods.  I think you should take some low quality trees.  It’s a better balance for your woods.”
Jaruzel has been working with Maple Ridge Hardwoods in Sterling for the past 15 years.  Maple Ridge Hardwoods prepares the timber and ships the lumber to Grand Rapids where it’s bought by different furniture makers.

Safety is a big issue for Jaruzel.  Every step is taken to ensure the highest safety while working with the timber.  Jaruzel was severely injured in October, 1998, while cutting a tree.  He was hospitalized for four months, two in a coma. “A dead limb broke off from the tree I was cutting.  The limb was eight inches in diameter and 20 feet long.  I always run away from the butt log, from the stump.  It outran me.  It cracked my skull from top to bottom.  It broke my shoulder, broke five ribs and punctured my lung,” he said.

Jaruzel offers free estimates and usually prefers the customer to walk through the woods with him.  There are a couple of reasons why I want the landowners to walk with me.  They can show me where the property lines are. I also make suggestions to the landowner allowing them to make the decision on what TREES should be taken out," said Jaruzel.
For timber harvesting or tree topping, contact Jaruzel at 989.871.4819 or email him at wjaruzel@hotmail.com